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A wellbeing company with a difference. Working with organisations and individuals to transform their mindset, health and wellbeing around alcohol. 

Who Are We?

We have been best friends since high school and drank together for almost 30 years before ‘experimenting’ with a sober lifestyle that immediately became a permanent fixture. This is when life as best friends just got interesting and we can not wait for you to join us on this exciting journey.

Our Purpose

The Sober Experiment is a wellbeing company with a difference. Alex and Lisa work with organisations (and individuals) to transform the mindset, health and wellbeing of their people, through challenging beliefs around alcohol and removing the stigma attached to living a positive and inclusive alcohol-free lifestyle. Through our interactive presentations we will help you to create a successful, purposeful, productive and healthy organisation.

    • We are proactive and want to raise awareness as a preventative measure by promoting physical health, mental health and well-being.
    •  We help to give people new coping mechanisms so they don’t feel the need to self-medicate and show them how fulfilling life can be without alcohol.
    • The Sober Experiment challenges beliefs around alcohol and we are passionate about removing the stigma attached to sobriety and alcoholism. We arm you with the facts so you can make informed and educated choices surrounding alcohol.
    • We also provide a safe space to support everyone who chooses not to drink alcohol (either for social, religious, cultural or personal reasons) for people to be a part of and to talk openly and honestly without the fear of being labelled or judged.

The Sober Experiment

for Individuals

The 30-day Sober Experiment will support you to reset your drinking habits. With daily inspirational videos and activities, access to the private members area and Facebook support group, we will educate and raise awareness about the impact of alcohol on your physical and mental health whilst working on your mindset to free you from using alcohol as a crutch in your daily life. The 30-day mark is only the beginning but already a number of positive changes will become very apparent. Designed for grey area drinkers, our experiment will help you to find yourself, discover what motivates you and keep you moving forwards to find a healthier lifestyle. The daily activities will keep you focused as you navigate your sober experiment to a happier, healthier you. If you’re ready to change your mindset about drinking and change your relationship with alcohol for good then click below!

The Sober Experiment

for Workplaces

The Sober Experiment for workplaces works with your employees by delivering interactive presentations and workshops about the impact of alcohol on everyday life. Work-related stress and other mental health conditions can contribute to many people drinking as a coping mechanism. This could impact your workplace by; reducing productivity due to absenteeism, reducing the quantity and quality of work, poor decision making and disruption to operations and co-workers covering for alcohol-affected employees. Organisations have a duty of care to promote health and wellbeing amongst their staff and we can help. Our relatable, inspiring and brutally honest presentation will inspire and engage your people leaving them excited to give our 30-day experiment a go. We ensure everyone we touch has a raised awareness surrounding the impact of alcohol on wellbeing from CEO’s to Managers to Staff and provide the tools to allow people to support others by knowing how to identify and refer concerns.

The Sober Experiment

Schools, Colleges & Universities

The new Ofsted framework recognises that in order for pupils to embrace the challenges of creating a happy and successful adult life, they need knowledge that will enable them to make informed decisions about their wellbeing and health in order to build their self-efficacy, including issues surrounding alcohol. The Sober Experiment for education providers works with your teachers and students by delivering PSHE sessions and/or assemblies about the impact of alcohol on health, attitude, ambition and relationships. Alex and Lisa are enhanced DBS checked and have a background in working with young people. Our fun and interactive sessions, tackle complex issues such as the impact of alcohol on relationships, mental health, physical health, friendships, families and peers. We can also provide a PSHE lesson plan and resources to follow-up and consolidate the work we do with your students.

The Sober Experiment

for Rehabilitation Centres

The Sober Experiment for rehabilitation centres works with your residents, as a mid-point between rehab and home, by delivering an interactive workshop to prepare them for their return to normal life and to take back control. Returning to normal life after spending time in residential rehabilitation centre can be very daunting for some people and our workshop helps them to see they are not alone by inspiring and empowering them. We recognise the challenges faced by those who have overcome drug and alcohol misuse, and provide practical tips and advice for returning to the real world. We work with your residents to deliver our relatable, inspiring and brutally honest presentation and offer them the opportunity to take part in our 30-day supported experiment as a focus point upon returning to their home life.

We are also available for panel talks, public speaking and group workshops upon request.

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