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Need a little more support?

We offer advice and guide those who need it, sharing the things that have worked for us and coaching you to reach your goals. If you need someone to listen to you without judgement; somebody to hear you, understand you, your story, your dreams, your goals, your fears, and your obstacles,

We can provide 1:1 coaching sessions to support you through each stage of your own sober experiment and journey to sobriety.

Have you ever asked yourself questions about your drinking habits?

Is your relationship with alcohol holding you back from achieving your true potential?

What would you do if you were free from the chains of addiction?

Are you ready to take ownership of your life, thoughts and personal development?

Are you ready to overcome the limiting beliefs that are embedded into your subconscious mind, constantly holding you back from the freedom you desire?

Get the Sober Experiment 30-day video coaching course and personal journal alongside one to one private coaching from us.

Our coaching works with you to create a personalised programme that works to deconstruct your limiting beliefs, hold you accountable during your journey, and builds upon the first step of quitting drinking.  Support through the first stage is the most vital as we help you to start your journey of self-discovery.  With sobriety comes creativity and innovation, without doubt you will want to stretch your new sober legs, question your new-found abilities and we can help you to push through your doubts to build the life of your dreams.

Both of us have been where you are.  We have battled with anxiety, miscarriage, divorce, marriage, raising children, stressful professional lives and have come out shining on the other side.  We had a love-hate relationship with alcohol.  Loving the way it made us feel after one or two, fearing giving it up forever, hating the hold it had over us – hating our inability to moderate.  We coached each other, held each other accountable, checked in with each other as we accumulated our sober days and it was this that spurred us to help others.  With our experience, you WILL succeed without the pain.

Don’t just take our word for it, here is what some of our clients have said

“Thanks again for your support and helping me see what alcohol is doing to my body and mind. And also that it isn’t a bad thing to be addicted and that I shouldn’t feel ashamed as alcohol IS addictive and the media heavily glamourises it. I have found a new confidence in myself where I don’t need a drink to deal with certain social situations and that anxiety is a natural response. I have learnt so much”.

Lori Clarkson Member of The Sober Experiment

“I think what you’ve done with the Sober experiment is provide a safe place for us all to spout how we’re feeling, good and bad. Because you’ve gone through it yourselves, your experiences have helped us. You’ve made me want to continue on, despite my initial thoughts that I’d just do it through Sept! Thanks so much, and I hope you can take this from strength to strength as you’re going to change lots of people’s lives”.

Bev – Member of The Sober Experiment

“Very friendly gals and fun to watch videos that encourage you and give you great tips”

Anon – Member of The Sober Experiment

What if….

You could wake up feeling grateful that you didn’t have to drink anymore?

You had the confidence and clarity to go after your dreams and do what you are truly capable of?

You felt fresh every day, no doubt in your mind about what you had said or done, free from anxiety, free from a hangover, able to do your exercise and stick to healthy eating?

You could achieve all this without feeling unhappy or deprived?

Our biggest fears are often what others will think and what we will do to fill the void of alcohol.  Just because you want to change your relationship with alcohol, it doesn’t have to be embarrassing for you.  There are so many people who feel exactly the same way as you feel right now but aren’t prepared to take the courageous steps towards freedom.

Studies show us that there is actually no safe amount of alcohol to drink so why shouldn’t you take steps to improve your relationship with alcohol and be more mindful about your drinking habits?

There is nothing more exciting than self-discovery.  Isn’t it time you invested in yourself to find out what truly makes you happy?  Through our coaching programme, we will guide you to remove your desire to drink and help you to set new goals that allow you to become more productive, more aware and more creative.

Why should you have one to one coaching?

You want to change your relationship with alcohol but don’t want to feel scared or deprived.

You know you have concerns about your drinking and want to change them but you don’t think you are addicted.

You don’t associate yourself with the terms alcoholic, alcohol dependent or addict but you know you should cut down and moderate and moderation doesn’t ever seem to work for you.

You have tried to cut down or stop before but it makes you miserable.

You feel stuck in the same old drinking routines and don’t know where to start.

You have an inner desire to be more and do more.

Our coaching is for many different types of drinker but we can’t help everyone.  Our coaching probably isn’t for you if:

You are physically addicted and never go a day without drinking.

Your drinking is a result of PTSD or other psychological condition that hasn’t been addressed.

You don’t want to change your relationship with alcohol and are perfectly happy where you are right now.

So, what are the benefits of sobriety:

  • True inner peace and happiness.
  • Reduced stress, depression and anxiety and a real understanding of genuine relaxation.
  • Improved energy to be with your loved ones and to take up new healthy habits such as exercise.
  • Clearer skin.
  • Mental clarity
  • Sparkly eyes.
  • Weight loss.
  • More money.
  • More time.
  • Improved sleep.
  • The ability to break through self-doubt and achieve your true potential.
  • Improved and more meaningful relationships.
  • Improved self respect.
  • Improved confidence and self-belief.
  • Building new memories through improved innovation and creativity.
  • Improved mental focus, concentration and productivity.

Through our one to one coaching programme you will learn how alcohol addiction impacts us, how habits are formed and broken, how to use coping tools when necessary and how to skip surviving on will-power and white knuckling to achieve the desire to no longer want alcohol.

Your investment in yourself? 

£300.  This is equivalent to £37.50 per week, which can be paid weekly.  How much do you spend weekly on alcohol?  We are often prepared to invest in self-destruction but more reluctant to invest in self-improvement. 

What do I get for my money? 

If you are ready to take control of your drinking, take control of your life and become the person you were always meant to be, contact us to discuss more.  Over eight weeks you will receive: daily coaching videos and activities plus a journal for the first 30 days of your journey, eight 45-minute coaching calls with a personalised weekly goal and activity and a follow up call at 12 weeks to check your progress and make sure you are still on track.

Ready to buy now? Purchase now using the BUY NOW button and we will email you within the next 24 hours to set up your first coaching call. If you are not entirely convinced after your initial consultation, we guarantee a full refund.

If you need a little more information or would like to set up an installment plan, please complete the enquiry form for a no-obligation initial consultation call.

We can provide 1:1 coaching sessions to support you through each stage of your own sober experiment and journey to sobriety.

It is important to realise that our programme is in no way intended for individuals with a physical addiction or dependence on alcohol.  We are a coaching and support service sharing information that helped us psychologically and physiologically to quit alcohol for good.  Although we have some medical knowledge from our own research, we do not replace or provide medical help and we strongly recommend that you seek the advice of your doctor or medical professional before commencing our programme if you have a physical dependence on alcohol.  Our programme is intended for those who have emotional dependency on alcohol and wish to cut down or quit drinking alcohol for good.  It is important to be aware that withdrawal symptoms for individuals who have a physical dependence on alcohol can be extremely serious and even life-threatening.  By signing up to our Sober Experiment, you agree to having read this disclaimer and agree our terms and conditions.  If at any point you feel unwell during our experiment, please seek medical and professional advice immediately.

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