The Sober Experiment

30 Day Supported Experiment

The 30 day experiment will support you whether you have joined through your organisation or as an individual. The aim is to educate and raise awareness about the impact of alcohol on your physical and mental health whilst working on your mindset to free you from using alcohol as a crutch in your daily life. Designed for grey area drinkers, our experiment will help you to find yourself, discover what motivates you and keep you moving forwards to find a healthier lifestyle.

Are you ready and committed to taking charge?

Daily Emails, Inspirational Videos, Sober Experiment Mocktail Menu & Access to the Private Members Page & Facebook Group

For less than £1 per day you will receive daily emails and insporational videos for thirty days, alongside the benefits of the free supported challenge. This package includes a workbook and journal for you to complete to keep you focused on how you feel during your experiment and challenges your underlying beliefs about alcohol.

Do you think life without alcohol is dull and boring?

Ok, so alcohol actually numbs our senses and feelings so when you numb the bad feelings, you also numb the good ones. Alcohol decreases your levels of serotonin, GABA and your receptivity to dopamine the very things that make us feel happy! If you genuinely believe that life without alcohol is dull and boring then I am sorry to be the one to tell you this but you actually think your life is dull and boring without alcohol in it! This has nothing to do with alcohol actually enhancing life and everything to do with your limiting beliefs and how you spend your time. 

“You get clarity as you get sober”

We sometimes don’t realize how often we drink alcohol, or, how much we depend on that nightly glass of wine or beer. While drinking in moderation isn’t all bad, taking just 30 days off will positively impact your future drinking choices. Drinking alcohol is so ingrained in our society, have you ever thought what if we were much happier without it?

Many of us drink because we think it makes us happier in the moment or relaxes us. Have you ever tried another way? There is so much to explore and you have absolutely nothing to lose by experimenting with a different lifestyle . We at The Sober Experiment know that with just 30 days off, a whole new world could open up for you. The 30-day mark is only the beginning but already a number of positive changes will become very apparent.

Benefits – a few to get you started

  • Look and feel better than ever before – lose a few extra pounds, have clearer skin, healthier hair and brighter eyes
  • Feel genuinely happier – have more energy, improved sleep and better mood
  • Reduce anxiety – alcohol is a depressant and disrupts the natural balance of chemicals in the brain, remove alcohol and remove anxiety
  • Improve your productivity – when you reach 30 days sober, you will notice a definite improvement in your energy levels giving you a renewed sense of purpose.
  • Save money – think of what you could spend this extra money on as a major motivator

Studies have also shown that giving up for just one month could have positive long-term health benefits by reducing the number of drinking days later in the year.

After just 30 days off alcohol, you will start to notice the financial benefits and feel a sense of achievement having already abstained for one whole month.

The Sober Experiment will support you the whole way through your experiment through daily emails, a downloadable journal and workbook, inspirational videos and access to our private Facebook support group offering inspirational and motivational tips on meeting the first milestone. You will also be offered access to a regular group webinar (our sober chat) for questions and concerns that may arise during the experiment.

What are you waiting for?

If you’re ready to change your mindset about drinking and change your relationship with alcohol for good then click below!

For less than £1 a day for 30 days The Sober Experiment will help you begin your journey of self discovery.

The Sober Experiment Journal

The Sober Experiment 30-day journal and workbook, packed with daily activities and inspirational quotes, will help you on your journey to you navigate the pathway to sobriety.Alex and Lisa, The Sober Experiment Ltd, have designed this journal based on methods and tips that worked for them. It includes useful sober survival tips and a comprehensive description of what you can expect in the first 30-days of sobriety to arm you with the facts and tools you need to be successful.At the back of the journal, you will find a section containing useful contacts should you need any additional support.

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