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30 Day Supported Experiment

Do you want to feel amazing in 30 days?

Do you ever feel that you may be drinking too much?

Do you sometimes drink just for the sake of it?

Do you sometimes open a bottle of wine with the intention of only having one glass, but then finish the bottle?

When you go out with friends are you always the first one to the bar and the last one home?

Do your social media posts often revolve around drinking?

Do your birthday/Christmas cards and gifts often reflect the same?

When was the last time you ever attended a wedding, works party, funeral, birthday party, family gathering or social event without wanting a drink?

If you answered yes to any of the above then The Sober Experiment is for you!!

Have you ever tried to cut back your drinking?

Maybe you have attempted and even succeeded in doing a dry month to prove to yourself that alcohol is not a problem!

We know that with just 30 Alcohol-Free days a whole new world will open up for you; We know this because, this is what happened for us. Start your new life now!

We sometimes don’t realize how often we drink alcohol, or, how much we depend on that nightly glass of wine or beer or our weekly blow out with friends. While drinking in moderation isn’t all bad, taking just 30 days off will positively impact your future drinking choices and help to reset your relationship with alcohol on a more positive level.

Reasons why people say they drink…

  1. Helps me relax
  2. Helps me with stress
  3. Helps me get to sleep
  4. Reduces my anxiety
  5. I like the taste
  6. Gives me confidence
  7. Makes me feel happy
  8. Numbs me if I am feeling emotional or physical pain
  9. To celebrate
  10. To commiserate
  11. I deserve a drink after a hard day at work or looking after the kids
  12. It’s sociable, everyone does it
  13. It’s good for me, Dr’s say a glass of red wine is good for the heart
  14. Boredom

We are brought up to believe that alcohol is essential for all the above reasons.

Free yourself today from these old, outdated myths and join the thousands of people just like you now living amazing and happy lives alcohol free.

The Sober Experiment

Here at the sober experiment we take great pride in debunking the above marketing messages and social pressures that have been fed to us over the years as the norm to keep people stuck in this destructive and often life destroying habit.

We will give you the tools over the next 30 days and help you find new healthy coping mechanisms and all the other tools you need to deal with the ups and downs of normal life – without having to rely on alcohol.

The Sober Experiment has been a vital part of beginning and sustaining my sobriety. I started the Experiment over Christmas, a period where normally I would be drinking a lot and now I’m six months in and absolutely loving it. The brilliant tips and the regular videos gave me clear strategies and thought processes for staying strong and positive about my choice. I am hugely thankful to Alex and Lisa for the continuing support, which is so personalised and generous, celebrating with me when I reach my goals and building me back up me when it’s tough going. It’s like having my own personal cheer leading squad!

We both now live an alcohol-free life – something which seemed absolutely impossible to both of us for years. If we can do it, so can you!

The Sober Experiment is for anyone that wants to stop drinking or take a break from booze.

This 30-day experiment will help you change the way you think about alcohol so you can quit without feeling like you’re missing out.

You will receive daily inspirational videos delivered to your inbox. In our private Facebook group, you’ll meet an inspiring community of people, all working towards the same goal.

Together, we’ll celebrate the wins and troubleshoot the tricky spots, so you can break free from the hangovers and guilt.

Why should I join The Sober Experiment?


As with any big lifestyle change, sometimes you need a little help staying on track. Making a firm commitment for 30 days teaches your brain that you ARE good at staying committed and sticking to your word.  Accountability leads to success.  This is why, by making a commitment now, and for the cost of less than one night out, you are now ready to start your journey and we know you will never look back.

The Sober Experiment is not just about what you get, but what you give: When you purchase The Sober Experiment you financially support NACOA and allow Alex and Lisa to continue to support others just like you. Purchasing The Sober Experiment helps fund our podcast and allows us to continue to support the community e.g. schools, colleges, universities and rehabilitation centres.


During the 30-Day Sober Experiment, you can expect to receive the following support:


WARNING: please sign up with a clear head as we do not offer refunds. Refer to our FAQs for more information.
Whether you are doing the 30-day supported Sober Experiment, have completed it, or are on your own sober journey, sometimes we all need a little extra help and just talking to people who understand your journey can really boost your progress. 

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