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We love spreading the word of how sobriety has changed both of our lives for the better. Check out some of out favourite Interviews below.

So this time, WE interviewed Simon! It was so much fun, as always. We talk about sober sex, parenting, ADHD and have a general sober chat! Thanks for being on Simon and for making this wonderful video!
This week Mandy is joined on the pod by Lisa and Alex from @soberexperiment . It was such a great chat, we discussed families, life, drinking, trauma and the adverse childhood experiences that perhaps are behind why we numb out with alcohol and the power of really healing. We talk about their brilliant work within the workplace to invite the sober curious for a sober experiment and all the work they are doing., We absolutely loved being on this Podcast. Thank you Mandy and Kate for having us on. Kate, we can’t believe we missed you but will definitely have a long chat at our event. Mandy, thank you for making this so easy, you’re so kind and compassionate and genuinely care. It’s easy to see why you are so good at coaching! 
Speaking with Annie Grace was such a lovely experience. She is warm, funny and friendly and we are so grateful she took the time to interview us. Take a listen and subscribe here
Thank you so much for featuring us on your podcast @sobrietycorps, it was lovely speaking with you Kim. Visit the Sobriety Corps instagram page or search the podcast on Apple podcasts to listen and subscribe.
Alex and Lisa Feature on Janey Lee Graces Podcast Alcohol Free Life
Thank you so much for featuring us on your podcast @janeyleegrace we had a lovely time . Check out this podcast and also have a look at Janey’s site The Sober Club for the Sober and Sober Curious. Membership to Janey’s group focuses on holistic health and wellbeing. She also did the TEDx talk, Sobriety Rocks – Who Knew! Massively inspirational.

The Sober Experiment – Alex and Lisa’s Naked Life Story – Featured on This Naked Mind with Annie Grace

Alex and Lisa did everything together – including drinking. It’s no wonder they undertook the sober experiment together as well!

Lisa on Air at BBC Manchester Radio 8/1/20 with Chelsea At Breakfast

Lisa appeared on BBC Manchester Radio talking all things sober and creating quite a big stir afterwards! (1hr 17 mins in)

The Sober Experiment is pleased to announce that they are official fundraisers for @nacoauk
This charity is close to both of our hearts and we are over the moon that we can help! The Sober Experiment donates 10% of all profits made to Nacoa (The National Association for Children of Alcoholics), a registered charity founded in 1990 to address the needs of children growing up in families where one or both parents suffer from alcoholism or a similar addictive problem. This includes children of all ages, many of whose problems only become apparent in adulthood.
Nacoa has four broad aims:
To offer information, advice and support to children of alcohol-dependent parents
To reach professionals who work with them
To raise their profile in the public consciousness
To promote research into the problems they face and the prevention of alcoholism developing in this vulnerable group!
We really are so excited about this and have mega exciting stuff coming up to raise money for them, so please keep those bright eyes peeled!

The Sober Experiment Ltd – Company Number 12345176

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