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We sometimes don’t realize how often we drink alcohol, or, how much we depend on that nightly glass of wine or beer. While drinking in moderation isn’t all bad, taking one month off will positively impact your future drinking choices. With just 30 days off, a whole new world could open up for you. The 30-day mark is only the beginning — but already a number of positive changes will become very apparent. You could find yourself losing a few extra pounds, you will feel happier, have more energy, brighter skin and get a better night’s sleep. When you reach 30 days sober, you will notice a definite improvement in your mood, with a more positive outlook on life and a renewed sense of purpose. Studies have also shown that giving up for just one month could have positive long-term health benefits by reducing the number of drinking days later in the year.

After 30 days off alcohol, you will start to notice the financial benefits and feel a sense of achievement having already abstained for one whole month. By the end of 60 days you start to develop an enhanced awareness of your relationship with alcohol and start to feel in control of your drinking habits. You will also develop an understanding of when the temptation to drink alcohol is there and the underlying cause. You will probably have experienced at least one sober social event or be in the process of planning one and by now you have realised that you do not need alcohol to have fun, possibly developing new hobbies and interests.

100 days sober will change the way you think about drinking for good. If you want to take on the final stage of our challenge, let us help you along. It is at this point of the experiment that you have the full benefits of improved skin tone, higher quality sleep and boosted energy levels. You will have also reduced your risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer and permanent liver damage. Your daily well-being and productivity will increase and you will be experiencing a full sober lifestyle. Perhaps you have taken up an old hobby or started a new one.

You can change your drinking habits permanently with 100 days off the booze. Whether you want to cut down or quit altogether, the Sober Experiment is an awesome way to get started and reset your relationship with alcohol.

The Sober Experiment will support you the whole way through your experiment through our free private Facebook support group offering inspirational and motivational tips on meeting the first milestone. You will also be offered access to a regular group webinar (our Sober chat) for questions and concerns that may arise during the experiment.


30-Day Supported Experiment
Daily Emails and Inspirational Videos

If you are really serious about stopping drinking and would like extra support we offer a 30 Days Supported Sober Challenge – For under £1 per day you will receive daily inspirational emails and coaching videos for thirty days, alongside the benefits of the free supported experiment. This package includes a free downloadable 30-day workbook and journal for you to complete to keep you focused on how you feel during your experiment and challenges your underlying beliefs about alcohol.

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