Education providers and the NHS.

Discounted Services

We offer our services discounted for staff and students at Schools, Colleges, Universities and the NHS. The reason we do this is we believe by increasing awareness and informing and educating those in contact with young people, the young people themselves and people providing healthcare, we can have a wider impact on people in our community.

Education Providers and the NHS

What other people say.

“Very, very much enjoyed this session! Two very lovely down to earth ladies and showed the factual side as well as the positives/negatives”

― Holly, Employee Manchester

“Funny and engaging. Personal, not judgemental” 

Becca, Employee, North West


Mental Health & Well being

With backgrounds in teaching and nutrition, we have lived lives where well being should have been at the epicentre of our lives and have realised just how many people live in the same bubble we did.  Through our experiences, in a non-preachy and non-judgemental way, we want to help others to be able to make choices surrounding alcohol that may be impacting their mental health and wellbeing.

Working Relationships

We want to help Teachers and NHS workers by improving working relationships, productivity and reducing absenteeism and presenteeism in the workplace by offering coping strategies other than alcohol for people dealing with stress, depression and anxiety.​ We also want to raise awareness about the way teachers’ and healthcare providers’ actions and words can impact young people and patients by normalising alcohol use. Through the diverse life experiences Lisa and Alex have had, we are able to touch the lives of so many people who may be going through so many different things and feel isolated as there is a stigma surrounding it.​

What we offer

We are an IPHM accredited training provider and work with groups of people in the workplace and in the community using our interactive presentation to deliver large and small group workshops.​Our service isn’t aimed at those with high alcohol dependency as there are already amazing services in place for that. ​What we offer is for everyone, the typical and average alcohol consumer and our future generations of potential alcohol drinkers.​ Our fun, informative and interactive session delivers everything your employees and students need to know about alcohol – we will share our own story along with an explanation of units and drink strength, we will help your employees see the huge impact of alcohol on health and well-being at work and provide impartial advice to help them make better choices about their drinking.

We educate and inspire those we talk to through our own life experiences (and there are many between the two of us) and touch on quite a few taboo subjects with brutal honesty and openness.

Alongside our staff packages we offer workshops (PSHE sessions) and assembly packages for students. Please enquire for further information.

The Sober Experiment®

Terms & Conditions

All material in the The Sober Experiment® website, Podcast. Blog Posts & Supporting Materials are provided for educational and informational purposes only.

The Sober Experiment® is in no way intended for individuals with a physical addiction or dependence on alcohol. We are a support service sharing information that helped us psychologically and physiologically to quit alcohol for good. Although we have some medical knowledge from our own research, we do not replace or provide medical help and our resources are not intended for diagnosis. We strongly recommend that you seek the advice of your doctor or medical professional before commencing our programme if you have a physical dependence on alcohol. Our programme is intended for those who have emotional dependency on alcohol and wish to cut down or quit drinking alcohol for good. It is important to be aware that withdrawal symptoms for individuals who have a physical dependence on alcohol can be extremely serious and even life-threatening. By signing up to our Sober Experiment, you agree to having read this disclaimer and agree our terms and conditions. If at any point you feel unwell during our experiment, please seek medical and professional advice immediately.

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