The Sober Experiment

Sober Coaching

Whether you are doing the 30-day supported Sober Experiment, have completed it, or are on your own sober journey, sometimes we all need a little extra help and just talking to people who understand your journey can really boost your progress.

Support through the first stages of sobriety is the most vital and we can help you to start your journey of self-discovery.

With sobriety comes creativity and innovation, without doubt you will want to stretch your new sober legs, question your new-found abilities and we can help you to push through your doubts to build the life of your dreams.

Both of us have been where you are.  We have battled with anxiety, miscarriage, divorce, marriage, raising children, stressful professional lives and have come out shining on the other side. We had a love-hate relationship with alcohol.  Loving the way it made us feel after one or two, fearing giving it up forever, hating the hold it had over us – hating our inability to moderate.

We coached each other, held each other accountable, checked in with each other as we accumulated our sober days and it was this that spurred us to help others.  With our experience, you WILL succeed without the pain.  We will work with you offering encouragement, building your resilience whilst highlighting and growing your strengths through a trusting relationship.

For only £15, you can book a 20-minute Sober Coaching Zoom Call here or feel free to book a block if you feel you need longer.

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