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Alex and Lisa offer Sober Coaching calls (see Our Services) and we also highly recommend Sober Dave. Coaching is about working with someone you can relate to and building a trusting relationship. Our approach of working with an external coach, in addition to our own services, means we can offer something for absolutely everyone.

My name is Dave and I was a heavy, dependent drinker for over forty years before becoming sober.

I began drinking when I was just fourteen and moving into my twenties had what I consider to be a fairly typical relationship with alcohol.

In my early thirties I began drinking regularly at the local pub and soon came to be known by the nickname “Gluggs” due to the speed in which I could down pint after pint before staggering home after last orders.

Things got dramatically worse when I moved house and instead of heading to the pub every night I began drinking at home, alone.

At its worst, I was drinking several strong lagers before starting on the vodka and it got to the stage where I was drinking a litre a day.

In 2015, I moved in with my now wife and it wasn’t long before my worsening addiction began to impact my relationship with her, my step children and our family life in an increasingly negative and unsustainable way.

On January 7th 2019, after several painful and frightening rock bottoms, I decided that enough was enough. That was over 500 days ago now and I couldn’t be happier.

My physical health has improved dramatically, my self respect has been restored and my anxiety levels are so much healthier. I love being sober and the list of positives just keeps getting longer.

I am pleased to now offer a completely confidential online coaching package to support you as you start what I’m confident will be an incredible and life changing adventure.

I can encourage you as you take the first steps towards giving up alcohol, help you with the initial cravings, assist you in identifying your own trigger points and work alongside you to maintain long term sobriety.

I come from a counselling back ground and am a qualified peer mentor but the best gift I have to offer is my extensive life experience.

My goal is to provide you with a bespoke sober ‘tool box’ helping you confidently navigate and maintain your new found sobriety.

I recommended starting with 6 sessions to ensure that you have regular support during those early days and weeks of sobriety whilst also allowing enough time to explore your own personal situation and enable us to work together as we create a plan that will support you in the long term.

Alternatively, you have the option to book a 50 minute appointment as and when you need.

Coaching sessions can be via video link or phone, depending on what feels more comfortable for you.

If you are struggling with alcohol, booking an appointment with me can be the first step

towards making a transformative lifestyle change by breaking free from the clutches of booze.

I absolutely love my job and feel passionately about helping people with addiction. I’ve been there. I get it. I understand and I’m here for you.

To book a session or for more information please visit my website and follow my journey on Instagram @soberdave.

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