Dry January

It is estimated that 4.2 million people will take part in Dry January 2020 for a huge range of reasons. Many do it for charity and believe it to be a test of willpower, others simply want to detox after the boozy Christmas period. Last Dry January I stopped drinking at 4.30am on January 1st and drank again the following weekend.

Sober Christmas

Tis the season to be sober, but how do we stick to that? Sobriety can be a mind game and it’s totally understandable if you are feeling a little anxious about Christmas and have some jitters about your ability to stay sober in the weeks to come.

Alcohol and the workplace

How many people have gone into work under par after a heavy night on the booze? I know I have. The dry mouth, the headache, the irritability with colleagues who just want to get the job done.

Moderating alcohol

This innocent little question is probably the most difficult one a sober person has to deal with. Not only do well-meaning friends and family ask this to your face on a regular basis but your alcohol voice (otherwise known as your ego) also pesters you constantly with this question.

Lonliness in the early days of sobriety

It can be tough when your friends and family don’t understand why you want to quit drinking, It can also feel quite lonely at times. It’s hard enough anyway to begin with without the added pressure from those around you. Now there’s a few reasons people react like this……