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We are over the moon that we have been able to support so many of you on your sober journey and can’t wait to hear more from you. Thank you for taking the time to send us your testimonials, it means so much to both of us.


Thanks to the support of The Sober Experiment closed Facebook group, I feel like I am part of a positive movement. For the first time in my life, it feels cool to not drink alcohol!


Member of The Sober Experiment

It’s never easy going sober no matter what the reason and to have both of you plus a support group of people also trying the same has been vital to my journey. I have now done over a month sober and thanks to you both and all you offer by way of support I am taking each day as it comes and continuing with sobriety. Thank you for a wonderful support network and a further thanks in advance for continuing to be there. If anyone is thinking of going sober I would say do it! Get involved with the sober experiment and lean on Lisa and Alex and their support network. I feel so much better now than when I drink, I wake without a fear of dread (or hangover), I have more energy and my skin is clearer. Best of all however, my relationships with my kids and partner have got better and that is too good to destroy with alcohol.

Danni C

Member of The Sober Experiment

Down to earth. Personal experiences which is always a help. Lots of identification. Excellent. GO GIRLS!


Resident of Turning Point Rehabilitation Centre

You girls are amazing!
Make it sound so easy and in a very good way not off putting at all .. your energy is amazing.


Member of The Sober Experiment

I have tried several different groups and ways to get sober. I have had some success but fell back to drinking again. I knew I needed accountability and could not find a way to get it that felt right for me until I found Alex and Lisa. They are so real and approachable. They are positive and supportive and the coaching sessions were just what I needed to stay accountable. Their videos were easy to watch and I looked forward to them every day. I am so happy with my results that I have chosen to continue coaching with them so I maintain that support and accountability. It’s well worth the investment!! Thanks Alex and Lisa!


Member of The Sober Experiment

Thanks again for your support and helping me see what alcohol is doing to my body and mind. And also that it isn’t a bad thing to be addicted and that I shouldn’t feel ashamed as alcohol IS addictive and the media heavily glamourises it. I have found a new confidence in myself where I don’t need a drink to deal with certain social situations and that anxiety is a natural response. I have learnt so much.

Lori Clarkson

Member of The Sober Experiment

I’m just about to head to bed on 30th September sober!! I did it! I can’t quite believe it! Things I thought would be hard were actually not, and things I thought I could get through easily proved hard at times!I’ve learnt so much about myself and my relationship with alcohol. I’ve learnt I don’t need alcohol to do anything! I don’t need alcohol to be me, and I don’t need alcohol to deal with my emotions.

It was never my intention to go sober indefinitely but I know I will drink less now.

I can’t thank all of you enough for sharing this journey with me. It’s not easy and I have so much respect for all of you. I’m going to remain in the group and should I feel like I’m reverting back to my old ways then I will reconsider my decision.

Thanks for the support and I wish everyone success with their onward journey.


Member of The Sober Experiment

I was already in the process of becoming completely sober. I’ve been on and off with drink for years. Not with addiction, just would stop because its not good for my mental health. The sober experiment has provided me with even more facts about the negatives of alcohol and opened up my eyes to a world beyond drink. I don’t feel the odd one out anymore, I know there is a community of non drinkers and that gives me hope for a happy life as I’ve always felt lonely when not drinking and like I was the one who didn’t fit in. It’s amazing also that the sober experiment have a Facebook group for support and arrange walks and try and also offer opportunities to bring non drinkers together for social events. This gives people like me optimism for the future that there is life beyond drink. You are truly inspirational. Thank you 


Member of The Sober Experiment

I think what you’ve done with the Sober experiment is provide a safe place for us all to spout how we’re feeling, good and bad. Because you’ve gone through it yourselves, your experiences have helped us. You’ve made me want to continue on, despite my initial thoughts that I’d just do it through Sept! Thanks so much, and I hope you can take this from strength to strength as you’re going to change lots of people’s lives.



Member of The Sober Experiment

I like that we were laughing at our addiction, the addiction doesn’t like that there was so much positivity in the room. Keep up the importance of the danger of drugs. It was delivered very well with great humour.


Resident of Turning Point Rehabilitation Centre

Great presentation, well put together, kept light-hearted but with a strong point put across.


Resident of Turning Point Rehabilitation Centre

Thank you both! I’m on day 31, a whole month has passed. After many attempts I really did not think I could get to this point. My mindset has completely changed, forever no longer scares me but excites me for what is to come.


Member of The Sober Experiment

I can honestly give The Sober Experiment a five star review. Without the support of Alex and Lisa I would still have a weekly debate about whether or not  I was going to drink at the weekend( and it would always be a binge).I would still be exhausted trying to moderate or keep to rules I’d set myself and always broke. I have learnt so much especially how to deal with the stresses of life without wine. That isn’t easy but i can honestly say that I haven’t even let myself think that booze is the answer. Am I “lucky” that I haven’t had real cravings?”  I think this experiment has taught me to see wine for what it is, and it isn’t my friend. Fantastic opportunity that I wish I had had years ago..


Member of The Sober Experiment


What Employers and Services say…

“Our People initiatives for 2020 are focused around making sure our team are thriving, both in and outside of the office. We decided to get The Sober Experiment in to talk to our team to give them an insight into how alcohol can affect their behaviour and performance, and how we can make better choices.

The feedback from the session has been wonderful, with many of our team taking up their 30 Day Sober Challenge, which is offered as part of their package!

Lisa and Alex are informative and brutally honest about their past relationship with alcohol, which means people can easily relate. If your focus is on Employee Wellbeing get them in to speak to your team!”

Fuller Research, Manchester, UK

What our Participants say…

“Gave me a wake up call”

“Informative, engaging but not ‘preachy’”

“Funny and engaging. Personal, not judgmental.”

“I really liked the discussion aspect and it got me thinking about my lifestyle.”

“Enthusiasm from the presenters and interesting facts.”

“Very, very much enjoyed this session! Two very lovely down to earth ladies and showed the factual side as well as the positives/negatives.”


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